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RECIPEBOX Love Me Natural Lipstick (Made in Korea)

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** Certificated by Malaysia National Pharmaceutical Regulation Agency (NPRA) ** 

Recipebox Love Me Natural Lipstick are made of safe materials and is suitable for kids & adult πŸ’‹πŸ’„

Product name : Recipebox Love Me Natural Lipstick
Weight:  3.5g
Colors:  Baby Pink & Awesome Red
Origin: South Korea  

πŸ’•Product features 
1. It is safe from the risk of lips salt by coloring only with natural pigment extracted from plants.(Red radish and onion)
2. There is no fear of hormone abnormality or allergic disease because it does not add artificial fragrance.
3. EWG This product is produced only with green grade component and stability is the top priority.
4. Easily cleaning. It's easy to clean even in light water. (no need remover)

πŸ’•How to useπŸ’…
1. Open the lid of the lipstick and turn the screw to apply evenly on the lips
2. Keep the lid closed after use

βœ…Do not use for purposes other than those listed
βœ…Do not store in places exposed to high temperatures and direct sunlight.
βœ…Please discontinue use if there is an abnormality in the skin

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