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RECIPEBOX Kids Peel Off Nail Polish (10ml) Made in Korea

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Recipebox nail polish are carefully & dedicate made for kids. We are:
💙 100% Water-based 💧
💚 Non toxic
🧡 Paraben free & Non artificial fragrance
❤️ Easy peel off  

Product name : Kids Water Base Nail Polish
Product Brand: RECIPEBOX (Made In Korea)
Weight: 10ml

💕Product features
1. Sticker nail polish made of water based to minimized the nail damage, low stimulate mild.
2. Quick Dry, Simple Removal, Prescription Odorless
3. Simply peel it off just like a sticker(No need for any nail polish remover or acetone)

✅Stop using the product if there is problem on the nail or the surrounding skin.
✅Infants may swallow it. Please watch your children.

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