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RECIPEBOX Premium Makeup Box Set (Made in Korea)

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Korea No.1 kids cosmetics brand 'RECIPEBOX"
We make cosmetics for children with the safest ingredients.
Recipe Box is the No. 1 online brand for children's cosmetics in Korea.
If you care about your precious child, buy the safest product.

Recipebox are carefully & dedicate made for kids. We are:
๐Ÿ’™ 100% Water-based ๐Ÿ’ง
๐Ÿ’š Non toxic
๐Ÿงก No harmful chemicals
โค๏ธ Easy peel off  

Procuct name : Recipebox Premium Make up Box Set
Components :
- Kids peel off nail polish x 3
- Kids Lip Crayon x 1
- Kids Daily Sun Cushion x 1
- Kids Facial Mask (5 sheet) x 1 box
- Toe Separator x 1 pair - Gift Box x 1  

A gift set consisting of the most popular cosmetics for children. It's very good for gifts because it includes a pretty box.  

๐Ÿ’•Product features 
1) Nail polish (10ml)      
    - Non toxic, watery nail polish for kids.      
    - Excellent durability and coloring power.      
    - Easy and clean removal without acetone. (just peel off!)

2) Lip crayon (3g)      
    - Easy cleansing! Wipe lightly with a wet tissue.      
    - Lip protection! Shea butter and chamomile extract protect children's lips healthy and moist.      
    - No artificial scents! It does not contain artificial scents, so there is no fear of allergic diseases.      
    - Excellent color and application! It has a clear and clear color compared to adult lipsticks.

3) Facial Mask      
    - Korea best selling kids facial mask.      
    - All ingredients EWG green grade and naturally derived sheet extracted from eucalyptus wood.      
    - Super berry complex & rich in 7 kinds of berry ingredients, healthy energy for children's skin.

4) Daily Sun Cushion (15g)    
    - 100% inorganic UV blocking agent.    
    - By adding sunflower seed oil and olive oil keeps your skin moist and healthy.
    - SPF 39 PA++, function and feeling with optimal UV protection balance we will satisfy you all.  

All products in the RECIPEBOX are MADE IN KOREA. We only use safe and proven ingredients because safety is our top priority.

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